Base Field Dressing Kit



Our Base Big Game Field Dressing Kit Includes:

-Waterproof, Reusable, Resealable,  lightweight bag to easily fit inside or outside a backpack with included caribiner
-Tag Holder, easy access to tag
-2 zip ties for various diameter of antlers or hide
-2 wet wipes for clean up
-2  Nitrile textured heavy duty gloves, Non-Latex and Powder free
-Disposable bag to keep blood away from gear and pack
-Only weighs 3 oz, 10″ x 4″
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Basekamp’s kill kit was developed from years of experience in the field, and watching hundreds of animals being processed. 8 out of 10 people were unprepared to make the process and experience enjoyable. We get so focused on the actual hunt and preparation, that we forget to check off the items that will help us at the end of the hunt when are successful.
The kill kit contains a lightweight waterproof sealed bag to hold all of the contents you will need to process an animal. We’ve included 2 pairs of 6mil nitrile heavy duty gloves. One pair for cleaning and an extra pair for someone to assist you or incase one rips. We have included a clear tag holder, so you can access your tag quickly at a check point, game warden, taxidermist and meat processor. 2 zip ties will securely hold your tag in place when transporting the animal. You can attach the zip ties to the antlers, or hide if you harvested an antlerless animal. It can also be attached to the meat, all while protecting the tag from blood stains. We have included a one-time use razor knife. This knife is designed to gut and strip the hide for processing. We do not recommend this knife for digging and deboning as the blade could break. We’ve also thought of the clean-up. Wet wipes are included to get your hands clean from blood and other parts. A Ziploc bag will handle the gloves and wipes. It keeps the blood from getting on other gear while transporting the meat back to camp.
The kit inly weighs in at 6 ounces, the waterproof bag can also keep your phone dry in case you get soaked with moisture. The kit is also refillable after each use. You can build your own kit by adding extra items to cover your upcoming hunting adventures. Keep checking back as we are always looking for kill kit items to make your experience gratifying in the field. Remember prepare to be successful!